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Orders can be picked up in Utrecht or shipped with DHL.

High Quality

All our beehives and hive parts are handmade by experts.

Triodos foundation for Bees

Triodos Foundation: active for bees!

About 60% of all the crops we eat depend on pollination by bees. The Triodos Foundation therefore shares the concern of the scientific world about the sharp decline in the numbers of (wild) bees.  

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quality beehives

Highest quality beehives

The passion and craftsmanship of our people is reflected in the appearance of the products. All cabinets are equipped with our unique and closed corner connection and milled handles. In combination with the durable and high-quality wood we use, you can enjoy the cabinet for years to come.  
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Sustainable beehives

We use sustainable wood

Red cedar wood is a light brown coniferous wood species from the North American West Coast. It is naturally durable in that it is lightweight, sturdy, resilient and highly resistant to deterioration and weathering. The wood also has FSC certification.
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Come visit us in Utrecht – located in Utrecht – is the address for high-quality bee hives, honeycomb grids, glass deck boards, feeding troughs and all other supplies for the beekeeper!

The beehives have been developed by us and are produced in our own carpentry factory in Utrecht. Due to the unique and closed corner connection, milled handles and the use of FSC certified red cedar and modified wood, our products are durable and of high quality.

Sustainability in our business operations is very important.

An example of this is that we use the residual wood in our factory for the production of bee hives, bumblebee hives, bird houses and more. These products can also be found in our store in Utrecht. is also a recognized training company and we offer students a pleasant and educational workplace.
More About Us supplies the best beehives in the Netherlands and Belgium. We make the products ourselves in our carpentry factory. Read more about our company.
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